How long does it take to edit my wedding?

Our general rule is that we will provide you with our final product within 6 to 8  weeks, although most clients receive their product way before then.

Do you charge mileage?

Typically if your event is within an hour of driving time (one way) we do not charge mileage.  Anything over an hour driving time we charge $0.50 per mile to cover our travel costs.

How do you capture clear audio?

During your ceremony we place a small wireless lavaliere microphone on the groom.  We usually hide it under his collar so that it is unseen by everyone.  This microphone allows us to pick up audio from the groom, the bride, and the minister performing the ceremony.  On top of this, our boom mic on the camera will pick up ambient audio. 

I’ve got a friend/family member with a camcorder.  Why don’t i just have them tape it?

I get this question a lot, especially when people are trying to fit a budget.  Although this seems like a comparable option to professional videography service, there is no comparison to the product that we create.  Apart from the skill level and quality of equipment we provide, your family member or friend is not going to have the same level of attention to detail that we have in capturing the details of your wedding.  We have the ability to not only capture footage from your wedding but to truly tell the story of your wedding.

What type of deposit do you require?

We require a 25% non refundable deposit and a signed contract to lock in your date.

With the highlights only package can I split up the hours?

We would hate to miss anything by leaving and coming back, that is why we make our packages continuous. If the timeframe of coverage is not enough time, you can certainly add on more hours. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at